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Our aim is to provide our audience with detailed information about Garmin products, along with our recommendations of the products that stand out as the best of the best. We aren’t necessarily looking for the most expensive or feature-packed products. Rather, we take into account the types of features that are likely to matter to Garmin customers.

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Life can get busy and hectic, and most people don’t have the time to spend hours upon hours researching the best possible product. This is why we have created this site so you have access to the most up-to-date information.

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Runners, cyclists and outdoor enthusiasts make up our team of researchers. We all have different backgrounds but one thing is common between us and that's our passion for sports and finding the best devices to track our activity. We have all trained with Garmin products for years and therefore have extensive knowledge of Garmin features and how best to use them.

How This Site Makes Money

We don't have a relationship with Garmin and they don't pay us for writing reviews. We simply love their brand and their products. Where better to read about the best outdoor GPS watch range but on a dedicated Garmin Fenix website!​ is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to

The vast majority of the Garmin products we review can also be found on Amazon. You’ll notice that we include Amazon links to many of the products we discuss in our articles. Anytime you click on one of those links and proceed to make a purchase, we receive a small percentage of the purchase price in the form of a commission directly from Amazon.

This means that while we would certainly like you to ultimately purchase something from Amazon, we have no bias towards which specific product you choose.​

The reason we have no bias is that we are in this for the long term. Suggesting the wrong Garmin product today means you won’t come back to us tomorrow. If we were to sacrifice our integrity for a short term dollar, that would sacrifice your trust tomorrow. And we’d much rather have long term fans than a short term transaction.​

Not to mention the more important factor: we’re a team focused on adding real value to the world, not taking away from it. We don’t want to spend years of our lives pushing you towards something you actually won’t gain value from owning. That’s a lot more important to us than a couple extra dollars.​

Missing Reviews

​We're spending long hours working on this blog and developing it, there's still 100's of Garmin products to write about and research. However, if there's a specific Garmin product you would like to read more about in a buyers guide or review, please let us know via our contact form and we'll be sure to consider it.

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​We accept guest posts to our blog. Your content must be well written and bring value to our readers and the website in general. Use our contact form to get in touch for more information.

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