Garmin Fenix 3 Accessories

Are you looking to buy accessories for your Garmin Fenix? There is a wide range of great accessories available for Fenix 3 and Fenix 3HR. Some of these are genuine Garmin products, others are made by third parties but are still compatible.

Best accessories for your Fenix 3

We've listed a wide selection below which can help you get the most from your Garmin Fenix 3. Use the quick navigation to find your next accessory.​

IQ Shield Protector for Fenix 3

​The IQ Shield Fenix 3 Screen Protector

​Protect your Fenix 3 display with an IQ Shield. These best selling screen protectors are made using the latest techniques to create a highly sensitive and seamless material for the watch face. You won't even notice it's been applied.

fenix 3 replacement watch bands

Fenix 3 Replacement Bands

Customize the look of your watch with a range of different Fenix 3 bands. Easy to change with pin removal tool included. Available in several different colors and styles.

garmin premium soft strap heart rate monitor

Premium Soft Strap Heart Rate Monitor

​If your Fenix 3 does not have wrist heart rate and you would like to monitor your heart during an activity you'll need to wear a chest strap. The design of these has come a long way since the early plastic versions. The Garmin premium heart rate monitor has a soft strap and is comfortable to wear for long periods, we've tested this during a marathon and actually forgot we had it on! It's easily adjustable and will wirelessly transmit heart rate to your Fenix 3. The plastic module snaps on and off so you can wash the soft strap as often as you like.

HRM-Run (heart rate monitor)

When paired with your watch the Garmin HRM-Run will provide you with advanced running dynamics to help you train to be a better runner. You'll see more than just heart rate zones on the Fenix display and after your activity in Garmin Connect. The 6 main running dynamic metrics are Cadence (steps per minute), Vertical oscillation (how much you bounce while running), Ground Contact Time and Balance, Stride Length and Vertical Ratio. Also compatible with the Fenix 3HR.

garmin hrm-swim best accessory for triathletes

HRM-Tri & HRM-Swim (heart rate monitors)

These heart rate monitors are best for triathlon training and can be used for tracking heart rate during open water and pool swimming. HRM-Tri can store up to 20 hours of heart rate data during swims and provides detailed running metrics including cadence, vertical oscillation and ground contact time when paired with your Fenix. As the name suggests HRM-Swim only tracks heart rate during swimming.

USB Charging Clip for Fenix 3

USB Charging Clip

Charge your Fenix 3 using your computer's USB port or connect to mains power using an AC adapter. Please note there is a different version for the Fenix 3HR which has a space for the wrist heart rate at the rear of the watch.

garmin speed and cadence sensor accessory

Speed/Cadence Bike Sensor Accessory

Attached these sensors to your bike and measure your pedaling cadence and speed. Easy to install and maintain with no magnets.

watch bike mount accessory

Fenix Bike Mount

A handy bike mount for your Fenix watch. Easy to attach your watch and remove for a clean transition during a triathlon or multisport training.

Garmin Tempe Sensor Accessory

Temperature Sensor

Mixed reviews on this temperature reading accessory from Garmin. That said some users have reported fast and accurate readings. Simply attach to your backpack, jacket or shoelaces.

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