garmin fenix 5 accessories

Garmin Fenix 5 Accessories

Garmin Fenix 5 is the latest multisport watch for outdoor adventurers and demanding athletes. There are a range of accessories to accompany your watch, including the new Running Dynamics Pod, QuickFit bands to change style in a snap, and a variety of HRM chest straps for accurate heart rate data during training.

Best accessories for your Fenix 5

We've listed a wide selection below which can help you get the most from your Garmin Fenix 5. Use the quick navigation to find your next accessory.​

garmin running dynamics pod

Garmin Running Dynamics Pod

The new running dynamics pod easily clips on to your waistband to measure several running dynamics otherwise provided by the HRM-Run chest strap. The pod measures cadence, ground contact time and balance, stride length, vertical oscillation and vertical ratio.

garmin quick fit bands

QuickFit Watch Bands

There's a wide range of interchangeable bands available for the Fenix 5 series including silicone, leather and metal. No tools are required to change the bands due to the snap on mechanism now used. Also compatible with the Forerunner 935.

garmin hrm-run

HRM-Run (heart rate monitor)

The Fenix 5 clearly has wrist-based heart rate monitor, however for athletes looking for more accurate and reliable data the Garmin HRM-run is recommended. The improved version is comfortable to wear and easily adjustable. The chest strap provides 6 different running dynamics metrics: cadence, vertical oscillation, ground contact time, ground contact time balance, stride length and vertical ratio.

garmin hrm-tri


The smallest and lightest Garmin heart rate chest strap, designed with rounded edges for comfort during extended hours of training. HRM-Tri can store up to 20 hours of swimming data and sends it to your watch at the end of a session. It can also be used for running also sends real-time heart rate to your watch when out of the water.

garmin hrm-tri


As the name suggested this chest strap is specifically designed for swimming. It can be used for swimming in all environments ranging from pools, salt water and fresh water. Replaceable CR2032 battery life lasts up to 18 months (3 hours a week of training).

garmin speed and cadence sensor accessory

Speed/Cadence Bike Sensor Accessory

Attached these sensors to your bike and measure your pedaling cadence and speed. Easy to install and maintain with no magnets.

watch bike mount accessory

Fenix Bike Mount

A handy bike mount for your Fenix watch. Easy to attach your watch and remove for a clean transition during a triathlon or multisport training.

Garmin Tempe Sensor Accessory

Temperature Sensor

Mixed reviews on this temperature reading accessory from Garmin. That said some users have reported fast and accurate readings. Simply attach to your backpack, jacket or shoelaces.

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garmin index smart scale

Garmin Index Smart Scale

This clever scale measures metrics such as weight (lb, kg, st), BMI, body fat and water percentage, and skeletal muscle mass and bone mass. It's easily set up via Wi-Fi or Garmin USB Ant stick. Garmin Index is able to recognize the specific user and automatically upload data via Wi-Fi to that user's Garmin Connect account. Up to 16 people can use one smart scale so the whole family can get involved (separate Garmin Connect accounts required).

garmin varia smart headline UT800

New Varia Smart Headlight

The new and improved Garmin Varia headlight for cycling. It projects a steady blast of 800 lumens when paired with compatible Edge cycling computers. The UT800 adjusts brightness to give the lumens you need for up to 4 hours, so you can ride with confidence.

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