garmin forerunner 935 review

Garmin Forerunner 935 Review – Best Sports Watch for Triathletes?

Garmin is consistently at the forefront of running and multisport tracking technology, and the Forerunner 935 is no exception. With the reliability you expect from Garmin, combined with new features and a lightweight design, this new watch is a go-to choice for any athlete looking to track a variety of sports. Read on for our Garmin Forerunner 935 review featuring everything you need to know about this exciting new tool.

garmin forerunner 935 review

Why should I buy the Garmin Forerunner 935?

For those who are familiar with Garmin sport watches, you may be wondering what sets the Forerunner 935 apart. One noticeable feature is the sleek and lightweight design – weighing only 49 grams, you’ll barely notice this powerful piece on your wrist. Compare this to, say, the new Fenix 5 with a weight of 85 grams, and it’s easy to see that the Forerunner 935 is packing a lot of power into a tiny frame!

If you’re a serious athlete with an equally serious training regimen, the Forerunner 935 is a great choice for you. One exciting new feature allows you to measure your training load and whether or not your training regimen is having the desired effectiveness. If, for example, you are training for an endurance event, the Forerunner 935 will monitor your training cycle, heart rate patterns, and other factors over time to determine how effective your training plan actually is. Are you undertraining, overtraining, or right on track? The Forerunner 935 breaks training down into a science and gives you all the answers.

Of course, the Forerunner 935 offers all of the same running and multisport tracking features we’ve come to expect from Garmin as well. In short, if you’re looking for a solid Garmin watch with a sleek design and some exciting new upgrades, the Forerunner 935 is a great option. More feature are described in detail below.

Garmin Forerunner 935 Video Review:

There are some very useful video reviews now available for the Forerunner 935, including the ones below from Clever Training and RizKnows:

Forerunner 935 Running Features

Garmin wouldn’t be Garmin without run tracking! The Forerunner 935 utilizes GPS technology to track your runs, along with a variety of other sports and activities. The run tracking feature provides detailed data such as distance, pace, time, heart rate, calorie burn, elevation, compass, and more.

New Garmin Running Dynamics Pod

(NEW) Running Dynamics Pod

With the Forerunner 935, Garmin has given runners the ability to go above and beyond the usual Garmin run tracking features. Customers now have the option of purchasing a Running Dynamics Pod along with the watch. The pod clips onto the runners’ waistband during the run and provides detailed feedback in six additional categories:

  • Cadence: the number of steps you take per minute
  • Stride length: the length of your stride between footfalls, in meters
  • Ground contact balance: gives a percentage of the right/left balance of your total ground contact time
  • Vertical oscillation: the vertical motion of your torso while running
  • Vertical ratio: your ratio of vertical oscillation to stride length, in percentage form
  • Ground contact time: the total amount of time during each step that you spend on the ground, in milliseconds

Running Dynamics POD Review:

For the serious runner looking to improve, some of this data can be invaluable. For example, a lower vertical ratio percentage typically indicates better running form. This measurement could provide insight into an area for improvement. While the pod is not included with the purchase of the Forerunner 935, it can be purchased as part of a bundle. For those looking to get the full experience of this watch, the Running Dynamics Pod should definitely be considered.

Multisport Features

The Forerunner 935 is advertised primarily as a “running and triathlon watch,” so multisport tracking is an essential function of this product. This watch has built-in activity profiles for both indoor and outdoor running, indoor and outdoor cycling, pool and open water swimming, cross-country skiing, trail running, weight lifting, hiking, paddle sports, and more.

garmin forerunner 935 review

For completing multiple activities in a single session, such as triathlon training, the “auto multisport” feature allows the user to press a button and switch seamlessly between activities. You also have the option of creating your own custom workout plans - whatever suits your needs! With the ability to track so many activities and its truly feather-light design, the Forerunner 935 has earned the title of the best lightweight triathlon watch on the market.

Watch Design

As mentioned earlier, one of the defining features of the Forerunner 935 is its sleek, smooth, and light design. The watch lays truly flat against the user’s wrist - impressive, considering the wrist-based heart rate monitor located on the back side. The watch face itself is round, with three tiny buttons protruding on one side and two buttons on the other.

The watch is only offered in black, and the default wrist strap is black as well. However, the wrist strap is removable and can be interchanged with other Garmin straps. If having a colorful watch is important to you, fear not – you’ll just have to fork over a little extra cash for a colorful accessory wristband.

The interface itself is much like the watch: sleek and attractive. The 240x240 pixel display utilizes pops of color to accentuate modern, bold lettering. The display is also completely customizable; everything from the style to the screens themselves can be adjusted through the Garmin Connect app.

Ease of Use

For those familiar with Garmin products, the Forerunner 935 will be easy to navigate. Even for those who are not, Garmin has made a user-friendly interface – with a little clicking around, it is relatively easy to find out which buttons to push to get where you need to go. However, with so many features packed into one tiny device, it can be a little overwhelming for a new user.

The Garmin Connect app is useful because it allows users to see more detailed information and customize their watch from their smartphone or tablet. Those who are having trouble adjusting to all the features of the watch may have more success navigating the Connect app first. Garmin also provides detailed user instructions on their website.

Comparison: Forerunner 935 vs Fenix 5

Garmin’s most recent release in its Fenix series, the Fenix 5, has seen great success. So how does it stack up against the Forerunner 935? Both are great sport watches and offer many of the same features.

garmin forerunner 935 vs fenix 5

The Forerunner 935, as already mentioned, is much lighter than the Fenix 5, with the same and even more features. This gives it a leg up over the Fenix 5, though the Fenix is still a great model. Otherwise, the technical specifications of the two watches are nearly identical. Both offer great battery life and excellent everyday features such as constant heart rate monitoring and sleep tracking.

The Fenix 5 is offered in a greater variety of colors and styles than the Forerunner 935. It is also offered in an ultra-tough “sapphire” version. This may make it more attractive to the athlete who likes to get down and dirty! The Fenix 5 is also a more affordable option than the Forerunner 935.


Alas, we have arrived at arguably the only negative aspect of the Forerunner 935: the price.

Garmin has made an excellent product, but it doesn’t come cheap. Customers can expect to pay a hefty penny for this new product, especially for the bundle including the Running Dynamics Pod or colored wristbands. Even for a Forerunner, the price tag on this watch is a little higher than expected. Still, if you have the money to spend, this watch is probably worth it!

Forerunner 935 Review Summary

The Forerunner 935 is a top of the line multisport tracking watch, and arguably the best watch Garmin has produced to date. While the price tag is quite high, the multitude of features packed into such a tiny and aesthetically-pleasing package might just be worth it. Hopefully our Garmin Forerunner 935 review has been helpful in deciding if this is the right watch for you!

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garmin forerunner 930 infographic
garmin forerunner 930 infographic

Infographic from Active Stride.

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Garmin Forerunner 935 Review
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Review Summary:

Garmin has again developed yet another superb multisports watch targeted at ambitious runners and triathletes. The price is high but in comparison to the slightly older Forerunner 735XT is it worth upgrading? At this point, probably not. However, in a years time the Forerunner 935 should be your watch of choice for any serious data tracking. Lightweight in comparison to the Fenix 5 with just as many features.

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